1. Thank you for your investigative work, analysis, I have been fascinated by all your episodes on Quebexico for the past 6 months.

    It is shocking to read that after all what you have achieved as progress on Theresa Allore and other victims’ cases which was also to help and guide the Sûreté du Québec, now the SQ refuses to step in and do what they are mandated to do: Officially investigate, find those suspects and their own corrupted police officers, and bring justice by punishing them for their crimes. The SQ would rather take no action while they’re fully aware of the situation. Well, if the current SQ doesn’t do what they are mandated to do and rather prefer to keep covering up their corrupted officers then clearly they are even worse than the corrupted SQ in the late 1970s and 1980s.

    In that case, the current SQ has no reason to exist, it should be disbanded, because they cost taxpayers all the money and they are useless and corrupted.

    Hey, Eastern Townships folks, you have an amazing Police Force: They take your tax money and commit crimes and give themselves medals and don’t provide what they are mandated, which is to protect the citizens and solve crimes and punish the criminals. How about that? How long can you folks keep going with a force like that?

    Maybe the next season here should be “The shame of Québec: Sûreté du Québec and how they operated and why all those hundreds of cold cases are never being solved”.

  2. Canada has been good at portraying itself as a bit of a bland, decent country-rather than a somewhat misogynistic one. All these murders of women in Quebec, or the sex workers murdered in B.C. And the missing and murdered indigenous women and girls. And the messenger gets shut down until the message can no lower be ignored. Would be interesting to see how Bishops/Champlain compares to other universities for assault on women, because it seems to have happened quite frequently there over the decades. Well done,John.

  3. Hello, I’m writing from the Netherlands: I was impressed when I read your posts here, I don’t always comment I’m sorry, but I read your posts. A police force, whether it is Canadian or not has the core purpose of its existence (shall we say “raison d’être”): to protect and to serve its citizens. If they are corrupted and not willing to perform what they are mandated to do, they have to explain to the courts – NOT ONLY TO LOCAL COURTS BUT INTERNATIONAL COURTS AS WELL – and the judges should impose sanctions on that police force. Surely there is a minister of Justice in Canada and he/she is aware of the seriousness of this? Unthinkable that they refuse to perform their duties. They should be thankful to you for all your support and guidance. They are supposed to take over now and go catch those bad guys. If they are smart, they better do what they are mandated and paid to do.
    A police force should never be the object of laws, they should never be a disgrace to the shield. Because the damage they are causing by being corrupted won’t be fixed in a long time, and people will never trust its police force in many years to come. On the long run, the police force will pay dearly. I can’t believe what I read here. Are those police officers that stupid?

    1. I appreciate your thoughts and concerns. I have been through the Minister of Justice / Public Security process before. It’s a no-win. The problem is the Federal government will not wade into Quebec matters… it’s too explosive. They risk losing the votes when a federal election is called If you don’t believe me, Google Bill 96: if the Canadian government is too weak-kneed to take a stand with that, they will not take on the Quebec Police Force. International court in the Hague is an interesting idea, but that’s a fight I will not take on in any capacity. I have a life to live. Enough that I made my point. Others will suffer after me, but it won’t be the case that they weren’t warned.

  4. Just notice that David Ray Harris (The thin blue line), Jeffrey Dahmer and Luc Gregoire were the same age. Harris a murder in 76, Dahmer a murder in 78, then the 3 of them went to Germany in the army in 79…
    Kind of have similar stories.

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