1. Hell of a law enforcement office! The SQ in the 1970s had agents in service who had no ethics, there were conflicts of interest in their handling, and there were police misconducts, corruption and those agents were doing deals with criminals such as Jean Charland or Regis Lachance, investigators were protecting career criminals, letting the criminals walk the streets so that they could commit more crimes and murder more people…
    And the worst of it all, those officers were paid by the taxpayers.
    Had those SQ agents done their duty properly, Carole Fecteau, Manon Bergeron, Theresa Allore and so many other innocent women before or after them wouldn’t be murdered.
    All those corrupted officers couldn’t hold a candle to those murdered women when it comes to ethics and dignity. I cannot imagine how outrageous all that must look to the families of murdered young women. Families, who still have no answers, waiting for a telephone call from the SQ or some other police force, waiting for results for more than 40 years, obediently paying taxes for more than 40 years and never get any compensation for all that fuckery that’s been going on for a long time. It makes me puke.

  2. It’s funny that Regis Lachance was also the name of a guy in the atome biker gang which was rival to gitans biker club the club he (Jean charland) was into

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