1. That priest Salvail’s loyalty to bikers’ gang The Gitans was so touching! He even helped with construction work so that the bikers could get legitimate headquarters.
    La Tribune newspaper that was promoting the biker’s gang but was not reporting the gang rapes that were committed by those same biker’s gang members is remarkable, we know on whose side La Tribune was.
    At least The Sherbrooke Record published it, so that we can now read it and know about it.
    And the then mayor Armand Nadeau’s plan of action while all this was going on was “Obey the Law Week”! It sounds like a joke to me. The Police, the government was supporting those biker gangs by giving them access to La MUQ. All those institutions, authority figures had their share of responsibility, knew about it and they let it happen.
    Yep, Bo-Boy was stating the obvious of course when he said, “they had more freedom than any other citizen”.

  2. Probably some CIA agents supplying them, I saw American Made (2017) thats wat they do.
    Even look like a nice landing runway in the picture lol

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