1. I admire the fact that you don’t discriminate and investigate any case that was marked by injustice, whether the victims were French speaking or English speaking, whether they were rich or poor, whether they got attention from the media or totally forgotten or ignored even… This website is a virtual wall of victims of injustice. Thank you, John, for all your work, for again enlightening us masterfully with another fascinating case of Carole Fecteau.

    “Fecteau’s clothing and wallet were found three kilometers from the dump site”: That sounds familiar! It’s creepy to say the least. Louise Camirand’s clothes were also away from her body. Theresa Allore’s clothes were never found, her wallet was found later, just like Carole Fecteau’s wallet. Theresa Allore was found almost naked in her underwear, Carole Fecteau was also found nude. They were found near a creek or in water etc., Manon Dubé’s body was also close to water. We still have no clue to how those victims landed there where they were found… Aged 18, 19, etc., it all makes one wonder.

    One would think that Sûreté du Québec, district of Estrie, and the SQ, Coaticook, the two police forces working one case, would deliver better results… Alas.
    Did they ever consider those Charland brothers as suspects? One doesn’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to consider those Charlands at least as persons of interest because they knew the victim and Carole Fecteau threatened to press charges for the theft of the car.

  2. Was just going through the Sherbrooke Record archives. Their version was that she was swimming nude in the water. She was briefly mentioned after Grimaldi & bergeron

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