Bang-Bang Knock-Knock – The Rock Forest Massacre Part 1 / WKT5 #20

Marc-André Bédard and Premier René Lévesque 

La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas

Marc-André Bédard had a very bad time of it in his years as Quebec’s Minister of Justice. From the Parti Québécois victory in 1976 through his replacement by Pierre-Marc Johnson in March 1984 Bédard presided over sticky judicial matters including the police shooting of David Cross by SQ officers on the Kahnawake Reserve south of Montreal, the petitioning by the father of Diane Dery for her cold case to be transferred to the SQ, and the Jacques Cartier Bridge murders of Maurice Marcil and Chantal Dupont. Then there was that uncomfortable business of all those unsolved murders in 1977, and the illegal police wildcat strikes that plagued late 1970s Quebec. At the close of 1983, Bédard was handed another messy case – a whopper, in fact – and another police shooting. This time, of two innocent carpet installers assaulted by an army of police officers in a tactical operation that was executed very poorly. Maybe this is why by March of the following year Bédard had finally decided he’d had enough. read more


Requiem Pour Un Oiseau – La Meurtre d’André Vassard

Une chaude nuit d’été dans une petite ville de Québec avec rien d’autre à faire que de traîner sur la place locale. André Vassard, 16 ans, est blotti avec des amis et parle comme des adolescents. C’est le vendredi 28 juillet 1972. Peut-être qu’ils discutent de School’s Out, le disque d’Alice Cooper venait de sortir, exprimant parfaitement la camaraderie frénétique de la rébellion des adolescents des années 70s. read more


Requiem Pour Un Oiseau – The Killing of André Vassard / WKT5 #19

Andre Vassard / Andre Goulet

A hot summer night in small-town Quebec with nothing to do but hang out in the local square. 16-year-old Andre Vassard is huddled with friends, talking the talk of teenagers. It’s Friday, July 28, 1972. Maybe they’re discussing School’s Out, the Alice Cooper record had recently been released, perfectly expressing the frenetic comradery of 70s teen rebellion. read more


The Strange Death of the Twin Gynecologists Stewart and Cyril Marcus – WKT5 #17

Stewart and Cyril Marcus – New York Daily News

On July 19, 1975, building handyman, Bill Terrell, responding to complaints of a foul odor coming from a 10th floor locked apartment at 460 E. 63d St. and York Ave. in New York City, discovered the bodies of Dr. Cyril Marcus and his twin brother, Dr. Stewart Marcus. As first reported in the New York Daily News, Cyril was lying face down on the bed in a pair of shorts. Stewart’s body was found on the floor in another room near and identical matching bed, lying face up and completely naked. The handyman told police the place was disheveled, with large amounts of cash scattered throughout the apartment (this later turned out to amount to approximately 22 dollars) though there were no signs of a struggle. One of the armchairs was covered in human excrement. There were conflicting reports of both brothers living in the posh Upper East Side apartment, but the doorman said it was Cyril’s place and only he lived there. read more


Something Fuckeried This Way Comes / WKT5 #16

Marie-Ève Larivière

I once received an email from a psychic from western Canada who said she was meant to contact me, that she had certain information regarding the unsolved murder of Marie-Ève Larivière. Recall that on March 7th, 1992, 11-year-old Marie-Ève Larivière went missing while running an errand for her family in Laval. Her body was found near some railway tracks within 12 hours. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted. The psychic – we’ll call her Hannah – said she received information directly from Marie-Eve. In 2015 she had shared her information with the Laval police. They appeared uninterested. She was now turning to me because., “I think I am meant to contact you”. Hannah had no connection to Quebec, showed little interest in the provinces cold cases, and only tracked me down by doing a Google search on Marie-Ève Larivière. I get a lot of people contacting me claiming psychic abilities. One woman once wrote only because she said she was new to the awakening of her abilities and wanted to “practice” on my sister’s case. I take these things with a pound of salt. This is what Hannah told me and the Laval police: read more

Riley Fairholm, shot dead by a Sûreté du Québec police officer – The Tracy Wing Interview / WKT5 #15

Riley Fairholm

“Some systematic, institutionalized fuckery going on.”

In July 2018, 17-year-old Riley Fairholm was shot dead by a Sûreté du Québec police officer on the deserted streets of Lac Brome. This episode is an interview with Riley’s mother, Tracy Wing. We talk about her advocacy, her lawsuit against the Quebec police, and her home town of Knowlton, real life location of the fictitious Three Pines in the Louise Penny novels featuring super Surete du Quebec investigator, Chief Inspector Armand Gamache. read more

“Some nameless scapegoat in the middle” – The Killing of David Cross / WKT5 #14

David Cross and his wife Linda

Before he died last year, my father and I had been talking about his years working at Dominion Bridge, the engineering and construction giant headquartered at the southwestern end of Montreal. He remembered he had a secretary who was from the Kahnawake reserve across the Saint Lawrence. Occasionally there’d be some kind of trouble or unrest with some of the Mohawk tribe members. Whenever that would happen she’d say, “Oh that’s just the Warriors”. read more