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  1. Carole Fecteau case that we’ve read about last week was left unsolved and now this Sherbrooke couple. Another case where we hear “Wellington & King, Sherbrooke” again…. Isn’t that fascinating? I bet their murder case is also still unsolved…

    I’ve listened to your podcast, too, John, thank you for all your magnificent work.

    Excuse me, you said, “It took Sûreté du Québec 18 years to talk to the residents of Compton, to see the places of interest in Theresa Allore’s murder case.…”. And they were boasting about that? Hell yeah, they could have done that after 64 years, but they were speedy (!). SQ officers were boasting about that? What is there to boast about something that was their duty to perform, provided 18 years of delay anyway? Citizens are paying their salaries to do that; the police were mandated to do that. Besides, the SQ investigators should have done that in April 1979, or actually when Theresa Allore was missing, in November 1978, 44 years ago to be precise.

    Even I, – who knows nothing of Eastern Townships, I as an ordinary reader of the book ‘Wish You Were Here’ and of the website here) – realize that Compton was where the body of Theresa Allore was dumped, and that Lennoxville & Sherbrooke were the crucial “locations of interest” in that homicide case. There’s nothing to boast about when the police haven’t done anything, destroyed crucial evidence in the case, haven’t done their duty in 44 years but get paid for it anyway. Seriously, the SQ officers should have been ashamed of themselves. Why would the SQ wait for 18 bloody years to take the statements in the first place? What took them so long?

    After 44 years, one needs a miracle (and I rather believe in miracles, instead of such an incompetent Police Force as SQ), or someone who has crucial information and the evidence and has the moral conscience & balls to come forward to tip off or provide information, to testify so that such cases are resolved.

    No wonder all those murders are still unsolved: Lawlessness was on the rise in Sherbrooke, criminals were in charge, no prosecution for the crimes that were being committed, because the police were waiting to take statements or to see crime scenes or dump sites for 18 years, which is a recipe for disaster. Hell of a job SQ officers, in my opinion, the SQ officers can boast away about one thing only: They have the longest list (numbers) of Unsolved Homicides.

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