1. Thank you once again for your efforts, another fascinating episode here.
    Patrick Hall and Lennoxville Police Chief Leo Hamel could only arrest teenagers when they raided the nightclub, Disco Robert. Why wouldn’t they arrest the owner of that club who was doing shady business and allowing kids in his establishment?? Chez Bob’s Disco bar owners were dealing and selling the drugs, the police knew it. Did the police not dare to arrest the Charlands? The Charlands and Régis Lachance and his brother were doing shady business together and were untouchable, while young girls were attacked or murdered right around the corner of Bishop’s Uni. Charlands and Lachance’s were controlling the police.

    I can’t even begin to write here how upset it made me feel when I heard that Bishop’s uni didn’t take measures to protect students.

    And I have just read that article in Journal de Montréal with the title “DISPARITION MYSTÉRIEUSE: UNE HISTOIRE DE DROGUE?”:
    How much did the Journal de Montreal was offered (paid) to publish that bloody article I wonder…?
    Journalism has a responsibility to society, the press has a certain power, especially in those days when there was no internet or surfing possibility in the late 1970s. They abused that power by publishing such smear campaign article and we call that here in Europe “character assassination”, “institutionalized lying” and “fake news” while they called it in Eastern Townships “journalism” in those days.
    They were a self-serving bunch of charlatans who had no morals or decency. The editor should be ashamed of himself for fabricating such a “drug story” and manipulating the public opinion. That article had no value whatsoever. It is a dubious article, and it was deliberate misinformation, and it halted the case’s progress. When one reads the headline of that article one gets the idea that Theresa Allore might have something to do with drugs and nobody should care about her disappearance. The person who wrote that article and the editor who approved it to be published might be the very same person, mind you! If they had the balls, if there was a little truth in that article, they would have published the name of the author and it wouldn’t be anonymous. Theresa Allore unfortunately didn’t survive, but the truth survives and here we are after almost 44 years. They couldn’t hold a candle to Theresa Allore or to any other girl who suffered when it comes to dignity.

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