1. I have noticed that you are fluent in your French, and I wish you’d speak more often in French! You rock!

    Thank you for all your work and efforts, and appreciation for the great pictures on your website. What a fascinating episode and complex cases.

    Charland & his parents living 2 km (1,24 mile) away from Champlain College campus in Lennoxville: You gotta be kidding me! The proximity alone would be a good enough reason to question that criminal Charland in connection with the disappearance & murder of Theresa Allore… So, Jean Charland and his associate Regis Lachance should be number one suspect(s). Did the police question this criminal Regis Lachance? Did they press charges against Lachance?

    JP Rancourt was a hell of a defense attorney as far as I could read here. He asked very interesting questions during the trial.

    To whom belonged those four identifiable fingerprints if they didn’t match to Laplante’s? Were those the prints of Charland and / or Lachance? Did they ever find out to whom those prints belong to? Did they file those prints and rerun them a few years later to find out? Or did the police destroy that evidence as well?

    So many institutionalized & systemic fuck ups by the SQ agents. Maybe an independent commission should investigate those SQ agents Noël Bolduc and Real Châteauneuf and their handling of those cases, because after reading all those fuck ups about them, I doubt their testimonies and professionalism completely and believe they were corrupted. They had a lot of explaining to do if you ask me.

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