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  1. Fascinating maps! I almost got an epiphany and realize that all those characters and where they resided or frequented were a few feet away from each other. When you visualize it like that, it is so clear that those dots are a few blocks from each other, so close that you can’t ignore the shocking short distance between those residences or places. How logical it is that some people must have bumped into each other on the streets in those neighborhoods, or at a grocery store, or at the post office or a restaurant or at a pub. I have no knowledge of Quebec, so I had no idea how close those remarkable spots were to each other, until I saw your maps here.

    You say that “some of this work is being done to guide police in their investigations”: I truly hope that the police take this seriously and they appreciate all your efforts into guiding them. “Appreciation” meaning also in the form of payment and recognition for all your work!
    Excellent analysis, I can’t wait till the next episode! Thank you for your brilliant work.

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