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  1. Thank you for this very enlightening episode, I appreciate the efforts.
    Régis Lachance and Jean Charland were clearly responsible for the murder of Carole Fecteau, Raymond Grimard, and Manon Bergeron.

    Maître Rancourt was excellent in his profession; one can’t blame a man for taking cases and performing his duty brilliantly as a lawyer.

    On the other hand, those involved SQ agents who were corrupted and were criminals in the late 1970s, who were NOT doing their duty as they were mandated, should be brought to justice, including their supervisors, the mayor, and the then minister of justice to answer for their crimes. They shouldn’t have gotten away with their crimes.

    To think those corrupted SQ agents would solve those homicides, such as the murder of Theresa Allore, Carole Fecteau, Manon Bergeron, Raymond Grimard, and many others was the biggest illusion. If they had done their duty, those people wouldn’t be murdered in the first place. I wouldn’t even charge them with the task of looking for a lost dog, let alone a homicide case. They were getting paid by taxpayers to solve crimes, and protect the citizens, not to commit crimes.

    No wonder the people of Eastern Townships don’t trust their own police force.

    The families of the murdered people, who were the victims of their handling should be fairly compensated and publicly acknowledged. No matter how many years passed by the history should be set straight and the wrongdoings should be corrected. Even if all the involved agents and their partners in crimes are no longer working for the SQ or no longer alive, this must be done to repair the trust of the citizens in the justice system. The Québec government owe this to their folks.

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