1. “King and Wellington”: That spot sounds like the epicenter of crime, sort of a “Bermuda Triangle”, it keeps coming back in different episodes here.

    “Residents of Sherbrooke wanted to make contributions to the reward bursary, but withheld donations for fear of retributions from the assailants. Everyone in town knew who did it. But the people of Sherbrooke refused to help”: Well folks, that doesn’t sound like a compassionate community. If one doesn’t offer information on the assailants, then the assailants will never be caught and they will commit more crimes. Fear is the worst advisor, dear Sherbrooke residents, so don’t give in to that and share the information so that the offender(s) are caught.

    If I was the police, I would check that business partner Yvon Charland and ask him some serious questions and see if he had a rock solid alibi. Because Charland have not made a contribution to the reward bursary while the other partner contributed. As for the sons of Charland: I guess the apples don’t fall far from the tree.

    Carole Fecteau: Who was this murdered girl? I checked your website but didn’t see a case on that name. What happened to her?

      1. And Tracy is right of course. I admire Tracy and she is the reason that I keep listening to the podcast in French! I adore her French podcast, she is one of a kind! I shall be patient, all the good things come to those who are patient! Greetings to Tracy from her number one fan from Europe!

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