1. Please do not make fun of Rex! Rex was probably ‘the most hard-working member’ of the police force, be it in the SQ or Sherbrooke! 😉

    Excellent episode! Thank you for all your work, I appreciate it.
    When I listened to this episode on your podcast, although the events took place 44 years ago, it felt so fresh, as if 9-years-old Manon Dubé’s murder happened yesterday.

    For all we know, as you mentioned, the perpetrator could be Luc Grégoire. He must as a cadet have known that area.

    I can’t believe that a perpetrator who raped an 8-year-old child was considered as ‘non-violent’! If raping an 8-years-old child isn’t violent, what is?
    Wasn’t there a law against such sexual violations that those sexual predators would get a life sentence without parole because the offences committed involved a minor as a victim? How could such an offender walk free after two years?
    Come to think of it, was it possible that Manon was first kidnapped by that Chester whatshisname, that 53-year-old school taxi driver, who was once convicted for 2 years prison for the rape of an 8-year-old kid? Wouldn’t the police consider this perpetrator Chester Something who was clearly in the area as ‘suspect’ or ‘person of interest’?

    Is there any “stranger homicide” cold case, where Corporal Roch Gaudreault, Dr. André Lauzon and Coroner Jean-Pierre Rivard were involved that was ever resolved?

  2. Why they always come up with those “dog ate the homework” theory?
    And yes its weird enough to have those anecdote on the same page nonetheless from the persons on the case…
    Also dont get the use of the picture on the other article, a “splash”? Does it go with something else on the page or wat?
    “Duplessis” de la petite histoire selon les senateurs desruisseaux et marchand
    In the corner kind of fiting lol

  3. 1978 Winter , I wouldn’t exclude Claude Levasseur with his brothers. The fact this abduct happens a Friday.
    Did it owned a Buick as this time.?
    3 personns in the car , same pattern likes Stéphane Gauthier chased near Canadian Tire by 3 personns in a truck in December 1982 (Messier street) 💡.

    Claude knowed CKSH tv famous faces even if he never resided in Sherbrooke..he confessed me …….

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