Stuart Peacock: an update


The Surete du Quebec called me on friday. Here are a few updates that they gave me:

  • Although over the last 16 years the Surete du Quebec has given me several assurances that I was granted access to EVERYTHING in my sister’s cold-case file, it now turns out that this is not true. There exists a final report from detective Roch Gaudreault, but because of “issues of confidentiality” I am not allowed to see it. The SQ assured me that I could always make an access-to-information request to try and obtain the file.
  • Exhuming the body: I again asked the SQ if they had any interest in exhuming the body to see if there were any physical DNA evidence on Theresa from the perpetrator.  The SQ is still taking this under consideration.

Finally, I thought I should mention that the second episode of Poirier Enquete is now streaming on the Historia website. It covers the murder of Jolene Riendeau (click here).

The program is not available for viewing in the United States.

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