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  1. Canadian justice system has been giving power and authority to police more than half a century, to protect and serve the society; but the police did little to nothing to solve so many crimes, especially homicides. The taxpayers kept paying for the salaries of those law enforcement agents even though they hardly solved any homicides all that time. The police let the criminals walk away, used force; shot and killed many innocent citizens as Serge Beaudoin and didn’t even get punished for those murders.

    The use of force by police neither prevents nor solves crime for the vast majority of criminal offences. Detective work certainly doesn’t require the use of force or firearms. It can continue to be conducted by unarmed, plainclothes specialists trained in talking to witnesses, conducting interrogations, knocking on doors, interviewing, assessing crime scenes, and collecting evidence and letting the evidence be forensically analyzed by specialists.

    The solution lies not with enforcing economic and social inequality, but in removing it. Putting the tax money towards this — for example, by building affordable housing, education, social work, social security system, forensic science, child protection, youth welfare, sports, integration, creating job opportunities, — makes far more sense than shoring up a police institution that is too often brutal and self-serving.

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