That Case Is Not Here

Subscribers to this website. I have a writing site that I’d like you also to subscribe to. That Case Is Not Here is where I writing on a more experimental nature. I cover topics beyond Quebec and true crime, and I’d love for you to subscribe now, because RIGHT NOW IT’S FREE:

I’ll still keep Who Killed Theresa, but That Case Is Not Here will be different writing. For one thing, there’s a newsletter that features insider information not discussed anywhere else. And you won’t need to go searching for the latest post, it will be emailed directly to you, and you can read updates in the email content.

FYI: “That case is not here” was something an American police officer working in the records office said to me once. And if you want to learn more about that, you’ll need to start reading That Case Is Not Here.

Thanks in advance for subscribing and supporting my work.


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