Who Were These Men / The Yorkshire Ripper – WKT4 #18

The Yorkshire Ripper

This is a crossover podcast episode. You can listen to the second half with Chantelle over at her podcast Lady Justice:


Agence France-Presse – Jack l’eventeur – 10 fevrier 1978

“LONDON (AFP) – A woman may be the mysterious assassin who, like Jack the Ripper, killed and maimed seven people, including six prostitutes, in twenty-seven months in Yorkshire. Local newspapers reported on Thursday that psychiatrists asked to paint a psychological portrait of the killer believe he may be female. The experts formulate two hypotheses on this subject:

Either it is a homosexual struck by a psychopathy which causes him to attack the prostitutes because of their relations with the men.

Or it is a heterosexual woman, suffering from intermittent schizophrenic insanity that results in outbursts of unleashed violence.

Either way, whether the murderer is a man or a woman, psychiatrists judge that we are dealing with an individual of above average intelligence, outside of their times of crisis.”

Wilma McCann
Rebecca Boutilier
Peter Sutcliffe

The 13 known murder victims

Ripper who stalks ‘good-time girls’

First Ripper story in Sherbrooke’s La Tribune newspaper ten weeks after Theresa Allore’s body is found on April 13th, 1979

The Take Back The Night marches

1982 Montreal Take Back The Night march

Montreal 1987 Take Back The Night march
10th anniversary march with emphasis on the 14 mass murder victims at Ecole Polytachnique

By 2016 the marches evolved into The Night Is Not Enough

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