Confusion now hath made his masterpiece

“This is one of those mysteries that will remain a mystery because we blew it from the beginning. There were all these questions. And we never got good answers.”

News Anchor Monica Kaufman-Pearson – Atlanta’s Missing and Murdered

The lead up to Theresa Allore’s disappearance was a colossal fuck-up

Friday October 27, 1978

The Surete du Quebec announce the grand opening of their new Sherbrooke police headquarters on rue Don Bosco. Several hundred people show up for a tour of the facilities and police equipment such as officer Lapaime’s “riot gun”.

Moving into a new building, you know how that goes. The phones don’t work, you can’t find co-workers’ offices, file boxes get misplaced or lost…

Surete du Quebec’s Sherbrooke HQ Opening


Also on Friday October 27, 1978

We learn that Micheline Gregoire, Luc Gregoire’s aunt Micheline died of cancer that week. Was Luc close to Micheline? Did her death trigger him?

Apparently a nurse, Luc’s sister later also became a nurse. She was actually the one who attended to Charles Marion’s “wounds” at the Sherbrooke hospital when he was brought in after 182 days in “captivity”.

Micheline Gregoire


Monday October 30, 1978

Champlain Regional College announces the appointment of Dr. William Matson as Campus Director. Matson is a career academic with no experience in administration or student relations.

William Matson


Halloween, Tuesday October 31, 1978

Apropos of nothing but the shit show to come, The Sherbrooke Record reports that an inmate was found hanged in his cell at Orsainville. This comes on the heals of another hanging of an 18-year-old inmate in Quebec City who was beaten by police investigators before he died.

QPP Probes Death


Thursday, November 2, 1978

A Bishop’s University student is accosted walking to campus. Police say there have “been rumours” of incidents against women on campus, but most are going unreported.

Bishop’s University student accosted


Friday November 3, 1978

The poem, Grace is published in the Bishop’s University newspaper, The Campus by “Nellie Keeler” containing the line, “Someone will take a scarf to strangle all sound”. “Nellie Keeler” does not appear as an enrolled student at either Champlain College or Bishop’s University. That evening, Theresa Allore disappears. Today, one theory is that Theresa was strangled with the green scarf she was wearing.


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