1. Hi John , thank you kindly for your great work! I know these episodes are not put together in a quick afternoon, amazing episode again, very entertaining and yet deeply engaged. For once I have to disagree on one thing, you guessed already ? St-Hubert is not gastronomy, but it is not that bad , you have to try it ! Cheers ….
    and remember you make my day whenever you release a new episode, and that is colossal ! Hat’s off to you John can’t wait to read your book.

    1. Thank you. St. Hubert: There was undoubtedly a great deal of exaggeration in my distain for the place. In fact, I’ve probably eaten there, and I probably enjoyed it. It’s Swiss Chalet, in fact that I really don’t care for. I remember in particular my mom dragging me there at St. George and Bloor when she visited me in college.

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