1. Hello Mr. Allore. Really love your podcast and how you delve into so many other forms of perception and interpolation/internalization that ends up becoming the story of perceived record, when in fact……..? You talked about cryptonesia and it made me think of my still current favorite phrase of obscured memory: baader meinhof phenomena. I know you are familiar with this odd/obscure thing: when you hear of something recently that has a unique sound but you dismiss it because you can’t tie it to anything concrete that you know. Then in short time you hear it again and reexperience it’s unique affect on your memory in a form of deja entendu. Got to use a little French there such a treat for me hope I didn’t fuck it up. Thanks bryan colegate.

  2. Hi Mr. Allore
    My name is Keith Johnston and I used to live at 12491 Pavillion street from 1966 until 1983. I used to work for Debbie with a friend named Jack R. and it was based on ‘let’s just say’ illegal activities and she and her boyfriend would find a place for us to do the ‘illegal activities’ and we would do them and they would pay us.One day me and my friend Jack decided to steal something from Debbie from her back yard and she found out about it and Debbie and her boyfriend beat the tar out of us and here’s the weird thing Debbie said something to us (I don’t remember exactly) but it was something along the lines of ‘ you guys made a big mistake’ f-ing with us – and I remember thinking something like she is a witch and I hope she did’n’t cast a spell on us?. Soon after my life changed and it wasn’t for the better – coincidence? I drifted apart from my friend Jack soon after but in 1980 we hooked up again and he was very different from the guy I used to know – ‘again’ coincidence?
    To close I used to be friends with Emmit Mitchell and we used to cruise around in his ’69 charger and I also partied with his brother Damien and would jam with him (I played drums and he played guitar).
    P.S it was really interesting to come across your article on the Villeneuves.

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