Gravenor started it all:

This was one of my first posts to my then newly created blog, Who Killed Theresa?. The date was December 29th, 2003. About 16 years ago. And it was an appreciation of Kristian Gravenor.

You may think I’m over-the-top in my reverence to him. I’m not. Without Gravenor? Most of our Quebec activation would not exist.

Quebec had pioneer journalists like Michel Auger, Eddie Collister and André Cédilot. In the early 2000s Kristian Gravenor was a new kind of journalist. He was one of the first to embrace the internet, and the value of engaging a community of readers hungry for answers through his website, Coolopolis.

Don’t try to click on the Montreal Mirror links, they no longer function.

(maybe Kristian will reports those year-end stories; they were so good)

“One of the best year in review columns is Kristian Gravenor’s annual stupid-crimes-in-Quebec roundup. Gravenor writes for the Montreal Mirror (kind of a Village Voice for the Southern Quebec region). Over the past five years his Weird Crime column has attained a sort of cult status. Strangely, this is the one time during the year that Gravenor writes about crime – normally he is an art critic. This year’s offering is hysterical and not to be missed. I especially liked the comment about the Drummondville Symphony Orchestra.”

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