1. this is my version of the event …..the two girls go to quebec city , ile d orlean than cross the saguenay , go to chicoutimi , take a ride by boat to cap trinité go up by the west side of the lac st jean to st filicien ….than go to mistassini ….and visit all the est side of the lake st jean …go down to st simeon ferry to riviere du loup because they seem to like boat trip …than go back by the ferry the days after …..st simeon to hebertville than chambord to take the road to latuque …..it s beetween from chambord and latuque the two girls disappear ……i think it could be the same guy who killed margeret peggy coleman …….the guy could be a forest fireman or conservation agent ….or something like that ……because the suit that he had …has a connection with the place where they found rennée lessard …….

  2. Jocelyne Beaudoin & Renée Lessard were still alive on July 17th, 1976, because they were seen by the owner of a restaurant. The sighting at Hebertville Station around July 17th also confirms that they were alive until then. The girls were writing postcards. The fact remains: Renée’s parents received the postcard (see the picture of the postcard here).
    And those two girls did everything up to that point according to their meticulous travel plan: They never deviated from their plans. Because they were making their dreams come true, every direction they took, it was meticulously planned and they seriously stuck to their travel plans (the boyfriend of Renée confirms that, too). Changing their route and taking a different direction than what they initially planned would be a “flaw” in their dream, I don’t think they’d change their route willingly, if they did, they were forced to do it.

    After reading all the episodes of “Quebexico” here and listening to the episodes of the same season as podcasts, especially “CECO” and “The Bikers of Sherbrooke” episodes were an eye opener for me, they made me wiser on those murders. I dare say (% 99) that Jocelyne Beaudoin & Renée Lessard were killed by bikers who were active in that region in 1976 because Rivière-du-loup, Saint Gedeon area were bikers’ active territory in those days in 1976 and onwards. In the winter they would lie low, in the summer they’d be very active.

    I don’t think Margaret Jones & Peggy Coleman were attacked by the same offender(s) six years earlier in 1970, Peggy Coleman was highly likely murdered by (a) different offender(s). The offender(s) in the cases of Jocelyne Beaudoin & Renée Lessard were probably aware of the cases of Margaret Jones & Peggy Coleman. They likely wanted to confuse the police force and cover their tracks.

  3. if the two girls crossed the road of some biker in st felicien …the biker may go down to riviere du loup by quebec city and the girls know that so they decide to go see them to riviere du loup for maybe a party …..than they go back on their previous road …..take the ferry again ..it seems they quit the motel a 05 30 pm …..so the ferry was near and the ferry quit riviere du loup is 06 00 pm …..the two had the time to pick it ..and go to st simeon ..then to heberville …..it s possible the two girl decide to go to the region to meet the biker s in st jacques le mineur ……the motocycle gang for a reason decide the kill the two girl …..remember where rennée lessard was found i think the were a campgroud ..so it s easy to for a biker to take her over there for a trip than kill her ….she probably never saw comming

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