Lucie Beaudoin – Flashing Fire Will Follow part 1 / WKT3 #1

Danseuse A GoGo Victime De Son Metier?

La police la retrouve nue et assassinee!

par Michel LeCompte / Photo Police 30 Octobre 1971

Working as a gogo dancer in the clubs and cabarets, is probably very interesting, financially speaking, for a student who wants money for a little luxury. All the more if you dance topless! Nineteen year old Lucie Beaudoin opted for this lifestyle to earn her living. Very pretty, a good figure, she turned the eyes of patrons at the Motel Saint-Hubert on the South Shore of Montreal. Too much? Peut-etre!

It’s an open secret that “topless” dancers often take advances from clients whether they are wanted or not, equally true that on occasion they might encounter undesirable men.

A Double Life

Lucie Beaudoin was not like other dancers, by day she was a CEGEP student in Old Montreal. She operated in two very different worlds. In the clubs she was vulnerable to encounter exploiters or powerful sexual maniacs. We don’t have to tell anyone that “topless” dancers are very provocative by the nature of their dances and their nudity. Was Lucie a victim of her seductiveness? This theory is under consideration, that she was murdered by a sexual maniac who desired her.

A little after the discovery of the body of the young girl, investigators prepared to interrogate several of Lucie’s friends. Fellow students, it is not impossible that the person responsible for her death was also a student. If that is not true, it also appears she was quite connected with a biker who has also been interrogated.

Her booking agent Paul Calcer would find her appointments. Police want to know if the heads of this office had come to know the young girl in question and done business with her regularly, but they claim to not know much about it. She had recently gone to them for new photos, but the photographer has not had the time to take new photographs of her, as he does regularly for all the “artistes” that work for the establishment.

Lucie’s double life has made the work for investigators doubly difficult.

She Disappears

Lucie Beaudoin was not the sort of girl who would leave her parent’s home (her father is deceased) without a good reason, even if her work was providing an attractive income. This is why she still lived with her mother at 5590 boulevard St. Laurent in Montreal. It was on October 5th that she was reported missing when she did not come home since leaving the house 11 hours earlier in the morning. Her photo was given to the media, along with a complete description. It was for another eleven days, the 16th until the police were put on the case.

That day, some children were playing around the Leo Roy quarry, next to 5675 Boule Lapiniere in Brossard. They reported to police the first piece of evidence, a purse that they found at the place. The police determined that it belonged to Lucie. Divers were brought in to explore the nearby water. They discovered floating on the water a big open and inverted trunk containing a sheet. Sticking out was a black leather boot belonging to Lucie. At six o’clock, last Friday, Assistant Director Paul-Emile Blain of the Brossard police, and detective Richard Arpin finally made the macabre discovery: The body of Lucie floating completely naked on the surface of the quarry lake.

From the beginning of the investigation all signs pointed to a murder. Mainly that the body was curled up, the neck was bent back, and the legs were also curled. It’s believed that she was placed in the trunk (which would explain the positioning of the body) and then thrown into the lake. The autopsy that was performed at the beginning of the week confirmed what police had suspected, that Lucie’s neck was broken. “We also know that Lucie was sexually assaulted before being killed, and that she was not shot or stabbed.”

Lucie Beaudoin paid dearly, but why? For being attractive, and revealing her body in public? For having relations with students that were a little shady?

What Happened Next?

The Surete du Quebec would come to assist the Brossard police in the investigation. In December 1971 Henri Vincent was arrested for the October 5th strangulation murder of Lucie Beaudoin. He appeared in court on December 17th. Vincent was a 22 year old biker, also known as “Le Saint ” and “Les Bras”. Vincent had been on the run for several weeks before police apprehended him in Thunder Bay.

Vincent was accused of the non premeditated murder of Lucie Beaudoin. Police stated that Beaudoin was strangled in an apartment in the East End of Montreal at 6525 Papineau, not far from where she lived with her mother.

Police also charged 21 year old Rene Gilles Vinette as an accomplice after the fact.

In the Spring of 1972 Judge Claude Bisson sentenced Henri Vincent to nine years in prison for the murder of Lucie Beaudoin.

It Didn’t End There

47 years later, the victim’s sister, Louise Beaudoin, was plunged back into the matter because of a blunder caused by the Surete du Quebec

In March 2018, Louise Beaudoin was contacted by an investigator from the Sûreté du Québec to announce that the murder of her sister was treated as an unresolved case.

“Since that time, every second, every gesture, every minute, it comes back to me… I’ve been crying a lot every day since March 23,” she says.

Police even made her sign a form to allow them to broadcast the photo of Lucie, and a reminder of the case in the unsolved crimes section of the SQ website.

Although she said that she had informed the police that a suspect had been convicted in this case, the police refused to listen.

Louise Beaudoin says she “doubted her memories” even though she attended court proceedings in 1971.

On May 30, the SQ removed the notice concerning Lucie Beaudoin from their website.

The police admit the mistake and say that in the future, things will be different. It seems that before meeting Lucie Beaudoin’s sister, the police only did summary checks.

Nevertheless, until today, no one has apologized for this blunder. Ms. Beaudoin says she is “shocked”, plunged back into the painful memories for four months.

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