1. I cannot imagine the grief …..and I am so sorry. And, yes, it seems impossible-improbable that it took 8 days!! Hard to say but maybe young missing students were not taken very seriously back then ….could have been any one of us and sadly, it was your sister. Love, Angie

  2. So very sad and tragic.I have been following you since I first learned of this. I grew up in Lennoxville,attended Bishops,and had moved to Montreal to pursue studies at Sir George Williams at the time this happened.I am so in awe of you, and your relentless efforts to discover the truth.I pray that there will be all the answers that you, and your loved ones so desperately need. I trust that your work will get the satisfaction needed.Sending loving hugs to comfort you John.Bless you and your dear sister.Never forgotten .

  3. Your Posted photo of a young teen-aged Theresa Marie is the ‘finest kind of tribute’ imaginable.to one beautiful young woman sadistically stolen away in the middle of a hideous November night in Quebec`s miserable history.
    So… you be not forgotten Theresa Marie Allore.

    J.J., you should send a colour print of this photo to every SQ Cold Case Squad Cop in Quebec!

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