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  1. Allo Columbo J.J… You say that ‘Apparently the SQ no longer consider William Dean Christensen as the suspect murderer of Murielle Guay’ Eh? Maybe they, the SQ just ‘fucked up’ again and they still haven`t realized that the murderous psychopath W.D.C. moved around a lot under many different aliases, and it is more than obvious that he was operating under the alias of ‘Richard Dick Owen’ immediately after he was ‘erroneously released’ from Bordeaux Prison on April 02/1982 on a week-end Pass, from which he absconded and henceforth briefly illegally resided at 105 rue Milton in St. Laurent and soon there-after, picked up, raped and ‘offed’ Murielle Guay sometime around April 18-20,1982, and again 1 week later on April 26,1982, he – Richard Dick Owen, butchered and dismembered Sylvie Trudel at that address. Then he fucked off and went home to his Mommy Dearest and C.I.A. Daddy in the good old U.S.of A., where soon after W.D.C. or R.D. Owen (or Stanley Holl or Jeffery Shrader, other aliases he used ) was nailed for another murder down there and subsequently sentenced to Life in Club Penn.
    So, When the good ole SQ and the Kaebec Justice dep`t. were made aware of his murderous Montreal acts, they probably said to themselves… AHHG!.. He`s in prison for life in the U.S. now. Why should we bother going after him, it`s too much like ‘Real Police Work’ for Us to bring him back and try and stick him with these two Murder Charges.
    Besides, We don`t want anybody to know that We fucked up Again, along with Bordeaux Prison Corrections Staff, and let Christensen out on the streets to do these heinous crimes?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
    SHH-H-H!….We won`t Tell anyone, if you don`t….

    J.J.A…..It`s Time to Call the Spads….Spads!

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