Hands With Slaughter Stained – WKT2 / #2


Eighteen year old Lyette Gibb was last seen on April 25, 1987 near her parents home in Chomendey on the island of Laval. Six months later her remains were found at the foot of a tree in the woods near Assomption, Quebec.


Lyette Gibb


On August 23, 1987, seventeen year old Sophie Landry disappeared from a Longueuil bus terminal while traveling from her parents home in La Prairie to the juvenile detention center she was living at on weekdays in Saint-Hyacinthe. The following morning Landry’s body was found in a cornfield North of Montreal (Saint-Roch-de-l’Achigan). She had been sexually assaulted and stabbed 173 times. 


Sophie Landry


In 2002, 45-year-old Guy Croteau was arrested for the murder of Sophie Landry. Convicted in 2004, Croteau is not eligible for parole until 2027.


The many faces of Guy Croteau


Lynette Gibbs murder remains an unsolved cold-case on the Surete du Quebec’s docket. 


NOT Guy Croteau


Quebec’s Dossiers Mystères featuring the Landry case:


Nice try Columbo:



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  1. So Guy Croteau will be released and walking the streets as a free man in 6 years’ time in 2027? I can’t imagine this guy will ever change and he probably will be back to his old ways and commit more crimes once he’s released…

  2. He is eligible by then if not earlier. I have a lot more to say about Croteau, but I’m saving it for the right moment. Thanks for listening.

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