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  1. Very good podcast (they all are by the way). Your specific situation brings a very fresh – and very vital – point of view to the whole mess. Your own less-than-satisfying dealings with the Sureté du Québec and local police in regards to your family tragedy and your perspective from another country are something very few people have. And even fewer would talk about.

    I agree entirely when you mention a somewhat ‘loose’ relationship between journalist/folk hero Poirier and spokespersons from the SQ: it strikes me that both sides seem to think they are secretly using the other. I do believe Poirier is an honest man caught in something that slipped out of his grasp, yet can’t shake the feeling everyone involved is trying to pass the buck. His recent television special on the Provencher case was a festival of ‘shoulda beens’ and ‘if onlys’… Business as usual, apparently.

    I was surprised to learn from a previous podcast that the SQ has a notoriously low rate of solved murder cases. I’m sure many factors have to be taken into account when comparing different police forces and their results (resources, budgets, etc.) but it was disconcerting… at the very least.

    Keep up the good work. It is admirable.

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