1. GILLES DEMERS , is from now the main interest witness about Alice Paré affair.
    He lived to upstair of Royal Cinéma, Saint-Marcel street not far from music local .
    He drove Chevrolet large part of his young adult while. His father held car scrap in St-Charles (Drummondville-North,) untill exproriation in Summer 1972 building 122 Road by them riverside.
    Gilles hates méprisant about police even if nevers goes jail.

    He could also being Claudette Poirier’s murder case , July 27th, 1977 , chemin Hemmings, still St-François northside ..
    The woman phoned Claudette’s parents to tell, forget their daughter you’re not enough rich ?! IT is Yolande Guilbault, Gilles wife . She past away after lung cancer late May 2022. _

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