Theresa Allore – a few media updates


Here are some media updates. I guess they are helpful if they get the word out, but their kinda like feedback loops: the best information you’re going to find on these cases are right here on this website:

  1. CBC Quebec is broadcasting an interview I did with them a few weeks ago. You can find the web content here. The audio should be up shortly.
  2. Radio-Canada is planning to piggy-back on the story and do a follow-up.
  3. I’ll be on the CBC Montreal this evening with follow-up television piece, along with Stephan Parent.
  4. I’ll be on CJAD tomorrow afternoon to talk a little about the cases.
  5. I did an hour-long podcast with journalist Rob Tribb over at his blog CanCrime. You can hear the interview here.
  6. The film 7 Femmes, which was to document the cases of Allore, Camirand, Prior, Monast, Bazinet, Blais, and Dorion has unfortunately been temporarily suspended.
  7. I am still working on a project with Claude Poirier for the Historia Channel. It will be a one-hour broadcast on Theresa’s case.
  8. Based on the release of the Katherine Hawkes audio tape, CTV is now considering a story on the Hawkes Murder Investigation. 
  9. The Hawkes tape:  I don’t mind that you steal / pirate the tape from my website and use it for your own efforts: the more people who hear it the better. But show a little integrity and credit where you got it from instead of pretending it was the result of your hard-earned efforts. 

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