1. Look at clifford bolden, the vampire rapist, who raped, strangled and left bite marks on each of his victims (who were eventually used to convict him) he was in jail at the time, but escaped the st vincent prison in laval for 36 hours in 1977 or 1984 depending on your sources if you believe its 1977 like most sources claim, you still can’t find the month(I believe detectives at the time made the timeline murky to cover there incompetance) finally he was arrested in a mont royal hotel restaurant, 20 minutes from where the body of Monast was found.

    1. It is well documented that Wayne Boden’s 36 hour escape took place in the spring of 1984. Helene Monast was murdered in the fall of 1977. Boden began serving his sentence in 1972, and was incarcerated at a maximum security penitentiary in Laval at the time of the Monast murder. In addition, Boden’s m.o. does not fit the Monast murder.

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