Helene Monast – September 11, 1977

Helene Monast (red top)

Helene Monast (red top)

On Saturday, September 10th, 1977, Helene Monast was celebrating her 18th birthday at Chez Marius pizzeria in Champly, Quebec. Exiting Chez Marius, the 5’3″. 125 lbs girl waved goodbye to her brother, Yves and crossed rue Bourgogne, entering the Canal Chambly park on the banks of the Richelieu river.  

IMG_0136Helene was escorting her friend, Christiane home. Helene intended to spend the night with her aunt. At 11:15 pm Christiane and Helene parted company. This is the last sighting of Helene Monast. 

Gaston Rioux (with tie)

Gaston Rioux (with tie)

The following morning, Sunday, September 11, 1977 a woman looks out her bedroom widow and sees a body lying across the street in the Chambly park, “underneath a large tree”, approximately 75 feet from rue Bourgogne, near the Chambly monument. Helene’s body is found in the park across the street from Chez Marius.

As this was Chambly, the case fell to the jurisdiction of their municipal force: Richard Sauve and Rene Richard were first on the scene. Followed by Jean Pepin, Robert Rousseau and, Chief Marcellin Cyr. Soon joining them are Jacques Marceau, Maurice Miausse,Claude Raineville (technician), and Gaston Rioux of the Surete du Quebec in Montreal. Rioux had worked both the Norma O’Brien and Debbie Fisher cases back in 1974 and 1975.

IMG_0154Helen was found naked except for her shirt which was pulled up to her arms. She was wearing a Timex watch, a neckless.  She was lying on her back. Clothing was found next to her body: blue jeans, sweater of the same color, an earring in the grass. She had been strangled to death.

Other items found in the area: a plastic cup, a pack of Export A cigarettes, a box of Chiclets. Missing is Helene’s purse.

There are two accounts of her shoes: one says her shoes were missing, the other says her shoes were there next to the body with her socks neatly placed in them. In the second account, the shoe laces were missing.

According to Helen’s sister, Nicole, investigators asked her family at the time of the discovery whether Helene wore shoes with laces. When Helene’s sister saw the body she noticed a thin line along her neck from strangulation.


The autopsy was conducted by Jean Hould at the coroner’s office at Parthenais in Montreal. Interestingly the lead investigators are identified as Gaston Rioux and Jacques Marceau of the Montreal SQ, not anyone from the Chambly municipal police. The autopsy confirms death by strangulation, but no evidence of rape.  The doctors observe the following,  “she had been cruelly struck with multiple bite marks on the body, especially a breast.”, which then lead to the conclusion of a sex-crime.



We need more information. We need the subsequent murders of Denise Bazinet and Theresa Allore to fill-in-the-blanks.

Those cases come next: keep reading. 


3 thoughts on “Helene Monast – September 11, 1977”

  1. Look at clifford bolden, the vampire rapist, who raped, strangled and left bite marks on each of his victims (who were eventually used to convict him) he was in jail at the time, but escaped the st vincent prison in laval for 36 hours in 1977 or 1984 depending on your sources if you believe its 1977 like most sources claim, you still can’t find the month(I believe detectives at the time made the timeline murky to cover there incompetance) finally he was arrested in a mont royal hotel restaurant, 20 minutes from where the body of Monast was found.

  2. It is well documented that Wayne Boden’s 36 hour escape took place in the spring of 1984. Helene Monast was murdered in the fall of 1977. Boden began serving his sentence in 1972, and was incarcerated at a maximum security penitentiary in Laval at the time of the Monast murder. In addition, Boden’s m.o. does not fit the Monast murder.

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