1. The summer of 1974 or 73 I lived on Remillard in longueil I was 8 or 9 my friend was 12 we where walking back
    from playing near what is now parc tournesol
    it was empty fields back then with trees a man stopped asked us if we wanted a ride home if was alone
    to this day I think i would of trusted him, my friend was taller she saw his penis sticking out of his fly,
    She said no grabbed my hand and told me to run.
    He ran after us but we knew shortcuts and made it to my house.My mom called the cops I remember answering
    questions and I descibed him from him running in the bush and long grass after us.
    he was yelling sounded pretty pissed off.

    In february of 75 or 74 we moved to north manitoba I lost a lot of my french that’s why I wrote this on english.

  2. What ever happened to the Norma O’Brien and Debby Fisher killer? I heard that he was released and all the murder files from the valleyfield courthouse were transferred to Montreal

    1. Released, and as far as anyone knows, living in the Montreal area. If you follow the Coolopolis post, many believe they found him on Facebook. And if you believe he is the Mr X on Facebook, then from that profile we get the following: His brother Benoit died on January 3, 2018. Mr X acknowledges his sadness at his brother’s passing, but when you go to the obit, the family mentions all 10 of Benoit’s brothers and sisters with the exception of Mr. X. Further, Mr. X is not friends on FB with anyone with his family name. You can reasonably conclude from this that the family pretty much disowned Mr. X.

  3. Let me start by saying, My memory for names has a lot to be desired.
    However the two names I will never forget Norma O’Brien and Debby Fisher. Norma was my friend and neighbour living on lucerne. We were the same age. A time I will never forget the fear, sadness and horror.
    For both those girls.
    Thank-you John Allore for doing this article. Plus your %100 correct in regards to the rumours there were plenty.

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