Sharron Prior – March 29, 1975


Some words and a prayer for Sharron Prior who died 40 years ago tomorrow, Sunday, March 29th, 1975.

This is the oldest cold-case where I share a personal relationship with the family of the victim. The Priors (Sharron’s mother and sisters) became friends a number of years ago through our shared victim experience, and we have stayed in touch for close to 10 years. I had the great privilege about 2 summers ago to have coffee with Yvonne at her lovely home in St. Charles. We kicked-the-can over these cold cases one more time, sharing our ideas and frustrations.  

Ours is a club you’d never want to join, but we survivors of tragedy are a resilient, supportive, intelligent – and above all else – humorous bunch. I had a Skype interview with a Quebec journalist last weekend. She was surprised to hear the extent to which we all stood together and communicated with each other. The Priors, Monasts, Dubes, Camirands, Allores; we stay in touch and watch out for each other. We all know a break in a cold-case for one will be a victory for all; anything to advance the cause of justice in these horrible crimes that took place in the late 1970s in Quebec.


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