Theresa Allore: Memorial Fund Drive

The Theresa Allore Memorial Fund


It has been some time since we have solicited for contributions to the Theresa Allore Memorial Fund. To date, the fund’s balance  / equity stands at about $10,000. This allows us to provide annual scholarships of approximately $200. Since 2011 there have been 3 scholarships awarded to Champlain College students. Notifications are given to students each Spring.

It was always our intention to raise approximately $20,000 so that we would be able to offer a more substantial award of $500 per student. To this end, We would ask that you consider donating to the fund today, and throughout the month of December so that we may be able to achieve our goal of $20,000.

No amount is too little. You may donate online by clicking the following:


Donate Button with Credit Cards


By mail or phone, contributions can be made by contacting the fund administrator at Champlain College, Daniel Poitras. All gifts are eligible for the full tax advantages available by law for gifts to public charities in the United States and Canada.

Benefactors may contact:

Foundation Champlain-Lennoxville Inc.
Theresa Allore Memorial Fund
c/o Daniel Poitras, Treasurer
P.O. 5003 (Champlain Lennoxville Campus)
Sherbrooke, Québec, J1M 2A1

The scholarship was established in conjunction with Champlain College in 2009 in memory of Theresa Allore.  Theresa was a promising student at the Champlain Lennoxville Campus in Quebec’s Eastern Townships. At the time of her death, she was studying the behavioral sciences, and had expressed an interest in the field of criminology. Theresa loved adventure, which lead to her interest in cycling, skydiving, and hiking.  She loved being outdoors, and particularly enjoyed hiking the local trails of Mount Orford.  Her special qualities included being a good friend, who did not judge others, but rather chose to draw encouragement and inspiration from everyone and everything she encountered.

Based on these qualities inspired by Theresa, the scholarship was established to take into consideration the student as a “total person”, including academic achievement, active participation in campus life, desire to serve others, and financial need.  

While we have struggled for many years with the tragic loss of a young life filled with a spirit of adventure, it has come the time to celebrate her life so that Theresa may inspire others.  There is no doubt in the hearts of those who had the privilege to share in her all too short life that this is exactly how Theresa would want to be remembered.


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