1. My guess is that Jesse Matthew is just smart enough not to follow his previous behavior. Hannah Graham will not be found south of C’ville, where Morgan Harrington was found . I live just south of C’ville and I can attest that pretty much the whole area outside the city is rural. JM grew up here and knows the area well, so Hannah could be just about anywhere, unfortunately.

    Do you agree with the conventional wisdom that Hannah will be found not more than 8 miles from where she was last seen (on videotape)? Apparently searchers have covered about 70% of that territory to date.

    1. I completely agree. It has to do with convenience / the probable-possible. So these notions of him on a killing / dumping spree all the way to Galveston are just silly. Too inconvenient / too much risk. Traceable evidence all the way home. * miles sounds about right, from my experience.

    1. I don’t know yet. Did he really clean operating room? I have not seen that.

      He does strike me as a gentle-giant. Like Lenny in Mice and Men: doesn’t realize he’s squeezed the life out of the rabbit until it’s too late. But not an innocent. Learns from experience then exploits it.

  2. This question may seem random…but would you have any idea if JM had dreads back
    in September 2009??? or if he would have been driving an older model caprice, or
    cadillac…the type with fin looking things on rear panels…like a 60’s model.(my aunt & uncle
    had one). …that he may have been driving near Blacksburg?????
    Like I said….random….but I have my reasons for wondering.

    1. I have no knowledge of that Keynajo, but the dreads are intriguing, and when exactly he started wearing them is an important question. It’s camouflage (think of all those beards in Zero-Dark-30 ). This is my point – and others – about him being impulsive, but just smart enough to adapt. The dreads are a disguise.

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