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  1. Gilles Pimparé and his accomplice, Normand Guérin, raped the 15-year-old Chantal Dupont for 40 minutes, – they could stop any time during the whole affair but didn’t – they tortured her and her friend 14-year-old Maurice Marcil. Those offenders then suffocated them and threw their bodies from the Jacques Cartier bridge 160 feet into the Saint Lawrence River and killed them. Those children were still alive when they hit the river. The offenders didn’t do all that for $ 2, the motive was not money, money was only a bonus. Pimparé was a repeat offender, he raped men and women, that double murder wasn’t his first. Those offenders have pathologies, they were sadistic and didn’t show any remorse in those 43 years and they shouldn’t be released on parole. If they don’t show remorse for their heinous crimes, if they didn’t change or get better since 1979, it’s like letting a lion to be released out of its cage into society so that the lion can attack and kill anyone. Such offenders should be treated in a secure prison system where they belong and should never be let out.

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