Theresa Allore Investigation

T-051A follower has brought forward some questions I feel would be beneficial to share with everyone:

Q1: Do you have the feeling that the Quebec police or other police have lied to you ? Or
do you believe that police have always said the truth about that matter?

A1:  I have the feeling that the Quebec Police have their reasons for keeping the truth from me, and their reasons can be separated into three categories:

1. In the most positive sense, they have an interest in solving the case; and sharing too much information with me could potentially damage any ability to solve it.

2. In a negative sense, they may have reasons  for withholding information that could potentially embarrass them.

3. In the EXTREME NEGATIVE sense,  the police may be withholding information that could potentially compromise them, or even implicate them in the case: It has long been suggested that possibly the police were involved in Theresa’s death; either through their association with criminals, or perhaps because some of them were criminals themselves. The evidence here is anecdotal (hearsay), there is no documented evidence of this.

Q2: Is it true that someone has suggested to exhume her body….and why?

A2: The idea of exhuming my sister’s body has been suggested on several occasions. The reasons are to examine whether there might  still be trace DNA evidence that can only be examined by today’s standards. My family is ok with it, we have given our approval anytime any agency should wish to conduct it. One SQ officer wanted to do the exhumation examination, but he couldn’t get the SQ to pay for it. Alternatively we tried to raise money for a private laboratory to do an examination of the remains, but we could never get enough money together to do it, and no one would do it for free.


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  1. Hi Mary,

    Hmmm… It’s a little complicated, but I’m looking into it. The body’s in Trenton, Ontario. My preference would be for the police lab in Quebec to do the exam, as they would ultimately need to hand over any possible evidence discovered to the QC police (whose offices are upstairs from the lab in the Montreal, HQ). Of course, this implies that they would be interested in going through this, but it would certainly call their bluff if we said, “what if you didn’t have to pay for it?” thx

  2. Have you considered contacting the author and forensic scientist Kathy Reichs ? She works in North Carolina and Quebec as a forensic scientist. see below for a partial Bio. I’d be pleased to help you fund this so you and your family could find some closure. xo

    Dr. Reichs is one of only eighty-two forensic anthropologists ever certified by the American Board of Forensic Anthropology. She served on the Board of Directors and as Vice President of both the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and the American Board of Forensic Anthropology, and is currently a member of the National Police Services Advisory Council in Canada. She is a Professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of North Carolina-Charlotte.

    Dr. Reichs is a native of Chicago, where she received her Ph.D. at Northwestern. She now divides her time between Charlotte, NC and Montreal, Québec.

  3. Way ahead of you Mary. I know Kathy well. Kathy studied under Andre Lauzon of the laboratoire médical at the Surete du Quebec in Montreal. Lauzon was there when Theresa’s autopsy was done (though he did not perform it). Kathy introduced me to Lauzon, and he was the one 10 years ago that re-examined all the paper medical evidence for me.

  4. Any chance she’d do the exhumation and testing? Maybe at a reduced fee , being that she’s a friend? Or maybe she can help point you in the best direction?

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