1. Hi there, very nice. A few questions- 3 questions. 1. Does one just ask for access ro does noe have to provide some specific reason for access. 2. My interest and it might not be relevant is in looking at Allo Police in the early to late 80s if possible and see if there is any inclination of a change in police brutality in that period. Growing up in that era as teenager, I particularly remember that era being very violent as goes police culture beginning with the Rock Forest carpet layer murders. having looked through it, what do you think.3. Also is your digital file accessible or private. Best James

    1. 1. just ask. 2. The late 70s saw a great period of consolidation in Quebec Police Forces with a lot of municipalities losing their independence to the SQ. This lead to a lot of confusion / lack of cooperation between forces. By the early 80s the consolidation was complete. With the SQ largely in charge of policing in Quebec, they were now free to do as they liked without transparency. They quickly became less cooperative with Allo / Photo Police, and YES brutality in the force increased. I am not sure what you mean by “digital file”. Explain?

  2. Great info! I am looking for details on a mureder of a family member from 1977. Sixteen year old Toronto male killed in Montreal… Name, John Jones. Any insight?

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