William Patrick Fyfe is not the Bootlace Killer

My response to someone accusing Fyfe of the murders:

I appreciate your interest in my sister’s case, but William Patrick Fyfe was probably not the murderer of any of the women I have referenced. For a number of reasons:
1. Fyfe was not active until 1979: most of the crimes I reference occurred prior to that.
Home of Roxanne Luce

Home of Roxanne Luce

2. Fyfe’s M.O. involved (mostly) older women, the use of a knife, and the gaining of entry to their homes, where he would sexually assault and murder them.  The majority of cases I reference involve the outdoor sexual assault and murder of young women, and predominately through strangulation.
3. Even when a knife was used, sperm was recovered from the bodies of some of the victims; if Fyfe was the assailant, police would have arrested him by now.
Roxanne Luce

Roxanne Luce

The one case where I do see a possible Fyfe connection is the murder of Roxanne Luce / Theresa Henrie, brutally beaten to death in her Longueuil home on April 2nd. 1981. Here, the assailant gained entry to her apartment, and cut her telephone wire prior to doing so: that sounds like Fyfe all over.

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