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  1. My heart was already fragile when I just listened to and watched this video, now it is truly torn. I am reminded of the time several years ago when I first heard Lillie Shari Greer tell the story of her daughter Kathryn-Mary Hebert’s unsolved murder. I was struck by her strength and courage as I am with Christiane’s. I got to meet Lillie and witness her true dedication. I see that in Christiane also in wanting to help with other children’s cases.

    As the mother of two boys, when I first heard of Sebastien’s disappearance, I became even more protective of my children. There were a few times (when one of them went to a friend’s house instead of coming straight home, or when the other was stuck in the metro for several hours in a power outage situation) when my heart stopped and I was in full panic mode, but then they called or came home, and my life went on but these women are still in that panic mode. WHAT HAPPENED TO MY CHILD?? It’s unthinkable what they must go through each and every day.


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