Thoughts on Reeva Steenkamp / Oscar Pistorius

Two stories no one can hide from; Pistorius and The Sequester. Here are my thoughts on the former:


1. Innocent until proven guilty.

2. To the SteenKamp family: Patience… Justice is a slow, Fortune is a wheel.

3. Justice is also living up to my moniker of being “Blind and Dysfunctional”. Is it asking too much for the police not to go all to shit after a mere 2 weeks?

4. Ok, so Pistorius is out on bail, but he’s hardly living the life of Reilly. He’s stripped of all the freedoms he was accustomed to as a celebrity athlete. It may not be “just” according to some, but it is what the courts decided.

4. Whatever happened is a tragedy. It is unlikely that anyone will be satisfied with the legal outcome.

5. Whatever the outcome, a restorative justice process might be in order for the families of both Pistorius and Steenkamp. Fortunately South Africa has a lot of experience in this arena. Here is an abstract on the restorative justice process in South Africa from the University of Pretoria, Pretoria is where the bail hearing took place.


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