Cold Cases Montreal


There is a new website out there dedicated to Montreal (and surrounding area) cold cases. Cold Cases Montreal takes a look at some of the more notorious unsolveds in the last 4 decades (Helene Monast, Roxanne Luce, Melanie Cabay, Jolene Riendeau, Sharron Prior, Manon Dube, Louise Camirand, and of course, Theresa Allore).

The site was started by Jo Anne Lachance, who has set the ambitious task of interviewing survivors of the victims and placing their testimonies on YouTube.

Also, I see on Youtube that someone has started a channel dedicated to cold cases that attempts to link some of these cases. 

I’ve never been a great believer in connecting too much in these matters. Predators don’t usually work outside a familiar, specific geo-region without cause, but it never hurts to look.

For what it’s worth, I still keep a page on this website with all kinds of crime maps for cold cases in the Quebec region. It basically uses photos and Google Maps to give you an indication where the victims lived, disappeared from and where found, as well as any specific evidence that has a documented geographic reference point. You can find the maps here (in both French and English)

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