Sex Beast: Stuart Peacock / WKT #38

We recount what little we know of Champlain College Residence Supervisor, Stewart Peacock who vanished less than two months after Theresa Allore’s disappearance:


From the Manchester Evening News: “Sex Beast: Stuart Peacock”

Here is a link to the Manchester article: Paedophile Stuart Peacock jailed for 14 years following a trial at Manchester Crown Court


King’s Hall in 1972, when it was a girls school



Champlain College “Who’s Who”: Where’s Peacock?


The great and long forgotten British band, Charlie. They never charted in the UK, but created some minor hits in North America in the 1970s. Ignore the soft-core porn album covers, and less than stellar lyrics: musically this was a tight outfit:


DNA databases

From a comment thread in response to familial DNA information, no reason this shouldn’t be out in the open:

The family of Lindsey Nicholls, her sister Kim and her mother Judy Peterson, say they’re still looking for answers into her 1993 disappearance. (CBC)

If I remember correctly, there is a dna database for unsolved homicides. There is also a dna database for sexual offenders. So the trick of it is to get these two databases to talk to each other. Complicating matters is the issue of missing persons, I believe in Canada it is not yet legal to collect familial dna in these instances to potentially match against unidentified human remains ( although many have been fighting for this for over 20 years).

Ultimately it is a garbage in / out issue. Police agencies are not very good at loading dna from victims into the database, nor are they diligent about checking for matches. This is one – of several – reasons often cited for why the homicide clearance rate in Canada has not dropped in over 50 years despite: 1. improved technology and 2. an overall drop in the number of homicides / violent crime. (I believe the Canadian homicide clearance rate has hovered around 85% as a national average for the last 5 decades.)…

and of course, the Quebec clearance rate is about 10% lower… because Quebec criminal investigators are buffoons.

The whole issue is (another) travesty of Canadian criminal justice. 

 I remember being at a conference in Canada in… 2003? and hearing a presentation by Judy Peterson, mother of Lindsey Nicolls who disappeared in 1993. Judy had done all the leg work. The government named the databank item “Lindsey’s Law” (which they always do, and is kind of degrading: name the legislation after a victim to make it look like they care about them), but then of course the item got tabled or something, governments changed… There’s Judy Peterson waiting 25 years for answers…

The excuses I’ve heard are: No one wants to pay for it, and no one at the RCMP has put in the time to figure out just exactly how the thing would work.


Ugo Fredette – A Wolf in the Fold WKT #35 and #36

Background on the life of Ugo Fredette. Fredette was arrested yesterday for the stabbing murder of his wife Veronique Barbe. and the abduction of his youngest child, Luka Fredette.

Fredette is the co-producer of the film Novembre 84, about a series of child abductions in Montreal in 1984. He is also the co-producer of 7 Femmes, a film about seven of the cold cases we have discussed in this podcast.

Part two of the episode:



From the film 7 Femmes: Fredette’s wife, Veronique Barbe playing the part of murder victim Denise Bazinet



Left to right: Solange Blais, Stephan Luce, George Bazinet, Maureen Prior, Yvonne Prior, famille Dorion, Doreen Prior, John Allore, Stephan Parent, Suth Sutherland, Ugo Fredette

































Music from episodes 35 and 36 is from the great 70s lost band Spooky Tooth.

I took some flak for playing Barry Manilow in episode 32, but there was a specific reason I chose Manilow which should be fairly obvious.

Episode 35 returns to vintage 70s rock. If the music sounds somewhat familiar and resonant, it should. Spooky Tooth launched Gary Wright (Dream Weaver) and Mick Jones (Foreigner):


Luc Gregoire follow-up / WKT #33


A follow-up episode revisiting the case of offender Luc Gregoire. Discussions include updates on the Lise Choquette case, Louise Camirand’s addition to the Surete du Quebec’s cold case website, parole decisions in the matters of Isabelle Bolduc and Julie Boisvenu, the Murder Accountability Project.


The body of Lise Choquette, Laval Quebec











Here are some links associated with the podcast:

Here is a link to the Canadian “Murder Accountability Project”:








Luc Gregoire






Louise Camirand’s profile on the Surete du Quebec’s cold-case website









10cc was a favorite band of my sister, Theresa Allore. She owed The Original Soundtrack which contains the hit, I’m Not In Love, so I grew up listening to this a lot. What I didn’t know was that 1975’s The Original Soundtrack was wedged between two EVEN BETTER RECORDS; Sheet Music, and their final effort with the original line-up of Graham GouldmanEric StewartKevin Godley, and Lol Creme, How Dare You.

All music from this episode is from 10cc. I won’t earn any money from this podcast, so I don’t owe any money. The intention here is to profile classic, forgotten music. Long live rock n roll:



Tales from Hollyweird – WKT #32

Three LA Noire stories from my one-time life in Hollywood

Part I – Sign my book, James Ellroy








James Ellroy’s signature in The Black Dahlia. Did he inscribe this to the Ontario Health Insurance Plan??

















Part II – True Crime Chauffeur










Part II – Studio City Coda 







While we were all tripping on Deep Purple and Black Sabbath, Barry Manilow was doing this. Absolutely brilliant: