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The Strange Death of the Twin Gynecologists Stewart and Cyril Marcus – WKT5 #17

Stewart and Cyril Marcus – New York Daily News

On July 19, 1975, building handyman, Bill Terrell, responding to complaints of a foul odor coming from a 10th floor locked apartment at 460 E. 63d St. and York Ave. in New York City, discovered the bodies of Dr. Cyril Marcus and his twin brother, Dr. Stewart Marcus. As first reported in the New York Daily News, Cyril was lying face down on the bed in a pair of shorts. Stewart’s body was found on the floor in another room near and identical matching bed, lying face up and completely naked. The handyman told police the place was disheveled, with large amounts of cash scattered throughout the apartment (this later turned out to amount to approximately 22 dollars) though there were no signs of a struggle. One of the armchairs was covered in human excrement. There were conflicting reports of both brothers living in the posh Upper East Side apartment, but the doorman said it was Cyril’s place and only he lived there. read more


Something Fuckeried This Way Comes / WKT5 #16

Marie-Ève Larivière

I once received an email from a psychic from western Canada who said she was meant to contact me, that she had certain information regarding the unsolved murder of Marie-Ève Larivière. Recall that on March 7th, 1992, 11-year-old Marie-Ève Larivière went missing while running an errand for her family in Laval. Her body was found near some railway tracks within 12 hours. She had been strangled and sexually assaulted. The psychic – we’ll call her Hannah – said she received information directly from Marie-Eve. In 2015 she had shared her information with the Laval police. They appeared uninterested. She was now turning to me because., “I think I am meant to contact you”. Hannah had no connection to Quebec, showed little interest in the provinces cold cases, and only tracked me down by doing a Google search on Marie-Ève Larivière. I get a lot of people contacting me claiming psychic abilities. One woman once wrote only because she said she was new to the awakening of her abilities and wanted to “practice” on my sister’s case. I take these things with a pound of salt. This is what Hannah told me and the Laval police: read more

Spontaneous Combustion / Catherine Daviau & Valérie Leblanc – WKT5 #13

Catherine Daviau

In the matter of the murder of Catherine Daviau, the Montreal police would rather the public not know precisely how she died. But I’ll tell you right now that Catherine Daviau was stabbed repeatedly in the neck and stomach, bound with zip ties on the bed of her Rosemont apartment, the room set on fire using her perfume as an accelerant, December 11th, 2008. read more

More of a psychopath than his patient – Real Chartrand / WKT5 #10

Real Chartrand

Real Chartrand was given a second chance. Then a third, then a fourth… a fifth, a sixth, a seventh. The career criminal was granted more opportunities to reform than most Quebec offenders. Over and over, judges who sat looking down on Chartrand saw the potential in him and opted for leniency. read more