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Bang-Bang Knock-Knock – The Rock Forest Massacre Part 1 / WKT5 #20

Marc-André Bédard and Premier René Lévesque 

La plus belle des ruses du diable est de vous persuader qu’il n’existe pas

Marc-André Bédard had a very bad time of it in his years as Quebec’s Minister of Justice. From the Parti Québécois victory in 1976 through his replacement by Pierre-Marc Johnson in March 1984 Bédard presided over sticky judicial matters including the police shooting of David Cross by SQ officers on the Kahnawake Reserve south of Montreal, the petitioning by the father of Diane Dery for her cold case to be transferred to the SQ, and the Jacques Cartier Bridge murders of Maurice Marcil and Chantal Dupont. Then there was that uncomfortable business of all those unsolved murders in 1977, and the illegal police wildcat strikes that plagued late 1970s Quebec. At the close of 1983, Bédard was handed another messy case – a whopper, in fact – and another police shooting. This time, of two innocent carpet installers assaulted by an army of police officers in a tactical operation that was executed very poorly. Maybe this is why by March of the following year Bédard had finally decided he’d had enough. read more


Requiem Pour Un Oiseau – La Meurtre d’André Vassard

Une chaude nuit d’été dans une petite ville de Québec avec rien d’autre à faire que de traîner sur la place locale. André Vassard, 16 ans, est blotti avec des amis et parle comme des adolescents. C’est le vendredi 28 juillet 1972. Peut-être qu’ils discutent de School’s Out, le disque d’Alice Cooper venait de sortir, exprimant parfaitement la camaraderie frénétique de la rébellion des adolescents des années 70s. read more


Requiem Pour Un Oiseau – The Killing of André Vassard / WKT5 #19

Andre Vassard / Andre Goulet

A hot summer night in small-town Quebec with nothing to do but hang out in the local square. 16-year-old Andre Vassard is huddled with friends, talking the talk of teenagers. It’s Friday, July 28, 1972. Maybe they’re discussing School’s Out, the Alice Cooper record had recently been released, perfectly expressing the frenetic comradery of 70s teen rebellion. read more


Who killed Teresa Martin?

La Presse – Nicolas Bérubé, June 6, 2021

(Original article in French can be found here)

More than 50 years after her death, the murder of Teresa Martin has still not been solved.

On the night of September 13, 1969, Teresa Martin, a 14-year-old teenager, was found dead leaning against a wall in the parking lot of a Montreal-North business. More than 50 years later, her family lament the “passivity” of the Sûreté du Québec’s unsolved crimes division, which often admits relying on appeals from the public before questioning key witnesses again. read more




“Une société peut- elle se permettre de ne pas tenter, par tous les moyens à sa disposition, de faire payer leurs crimes aux tueurs d’enfants? C’est ce que l’on peut se demander devant le piètre dossier policier au Québec dans ce domaine. read more