Reaching victims for the registry

Does anyone have any good ideas about how to reach as many victims of financial fraud as possible across the country to put on the victims’ registry. I have had a pretty good response from articles in my local papers (Eastern Townships). The Gazette says they might do something for me either Friday or response from LaPresse yet. I think this registry is very important as a tool to reach people regarding up-coming events, rallies etc. as well as a pressure tactic (if we have hundreds of names) for getting the various government bodies to listen to us.


Sentencing for White-Collar Crimes

Starting off the conversation on stiffer sentencing for perpetrators of financial, or so called white-collar, crimes.

This is a direct quote from my mom, “Any fraudster, should have a sentence of ‘work’. Work of value receiving payment. All of these payments should then be handed over to be used to compensate the victims. The sentence should last no less than 7 years.”

Please contribute your input on stiffer sentencing.


New Legislation on White-Collar Crime

We need changes here in Canada.

Please contribute your thoughts as we will be aiding the federal Conservative Government in drafting new legislation with stiffer penalties on all white-collar crimes.

Hope to table a new bill by Fall session, as parliament opens Sept.14

All ideas are good ideas, as long as we keep the focus on the victims & their right to be protected against financial predators, and adequately compensated in the event of any financial crime.