1. Congratulations with 20th birthday of the website. All the posts that I have read here are one by one my favorite posts. I can’t pick only one as favorite because each one touched me deeply on a certain level. I understand your reasons for no longer willing to invest here on this website, but I really admired the content on the website and will read and discover about those more than 200 cases in the future. It is a remarkable archive, I must admit, amazing work.
    I really like the episode “Lâche les policiers” – The strange death of Hélène Hurtubise for many reasons.
    The complete “Who killed Teresa Martin?” series is my top fav of all time.
    The Aloha Motel Fire is another favorite that comes to mind.
    L’Affaire Dupont
    All The Devils Are Here
    Information = Insight
    Pillar 111 – The 1979 murders of Maurice Marcil and Chantal Dupont
    Theresa Allore – Case Closed Cold
    October Crisis
    The Tale of Mr. Morton
    Sign In Stranger
    “Ring-Ring-Ring” – The Murder of Michelle Perron: I liked your approach to the case which was supposed to be an ordinary case but so fascinating with all the angles you’ve brought up, it had more to it.
    Confines of Memory: All three episodes
    Lucie Beaudoin
    Suzanne Charbonneau
    Jocelyne Houle
    Sylvie Michaud and many others, all of them are amazing tributes.

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