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  1. Amazing work, brilliant analysis on those murder cases, thank you John…

    What a clusterfuck of injustice…

    That coroner Jean-Pierre Rivard sounds like a charlatan to me. He totally ignored the evidence in all three murders. I’d seriously question his professionalism and credibility in every homicide case that he handled when he was acting as coroner.

    The way the police investigators handled all those three murder cases was a charade and was not professional, evidence being ignored and beating, intimidating the witnesses during interrogations, etc. Even though Laplante was a criminal, he didn’t deserve to be treated with such an injustice and get a life in prison sentence for the murders he didn’t commit. Because by doing that, they let the real killer(s) walk free and probably allowed more murders to take place.

    Charland was unemployed, but he lent $160 to Laplante so that Laplante could buy a weapon? Where did Charland get that cash if he was unemployed? He admitted he and his younger brother, and his buddies stole Carole Fecteau’s roommate Larochelle’s vehicle, but he also sold an Oldsmobile to Laplante. Jean Charland also lied during the police interrogation. Charland’s brother was the boyfriend of murdered girl Fecteau. Carole Fecteau was running drugs for Jean Charland and Raymond Grimard. Charlands are the ones who were connected to those murdered people Fecteau, Grimard & Bergeron. How and why would the police ignore all those facts?

    Nope, Laplante couldn’t have been involved in the murder of Theresa Allore, Laplante was firmly locked up in November 1978…

    We know where Theresa Allore was last seen alive on November 3, 1978. Where was Charland residing in November 1978? Wasn’t Charland from Lennoxville? How far was Champlain College from where Charland was residing? Did the police do their due diligence and ask Jean Charland where he was and whether he had an alibi for the evening that Theresa Allore disappeared on November 3, 1978? Because any sane investigator who had an average IQ and a little honesty would have considered Jean Charland as a prime suspect, knowing his history, and his proximity.

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