1. Another fascinating episode with horrific stories…
    Did the police investigate that incident in 1976 or years after that? Did they talk to those two teenagers who were attacked by that folie à deux? Did they get a better description of the offenders and know who they are? Were they speaking English or French? Did they track down that “brown American car with construction rags hanging out of the trunk”?
    Did the police do a follow up on the rape of Catherine Dawe in 1977?
    The Sûreté du Québec received information from a witness in 2020 about a woman being chased down the road in Lennoxville by three men in a car in 1978 and since they have had this information for more than a year now, what did they come up with?
    Oh yes, I’ll draw my own conclusion: Apparently, all those horrible attacks were going on in the late 1970s and nobody did anything. Then Theresa Allore was murdered, and other young women followed, still nobody was caught. Anno 2021 we still have no clue to the identity of the offenders. And the Sûreté du Québec is taking things seriously….

  2. Nope, I don’t see any drug addict in this picture of Theresa Allore… The Montreal Gazette wrote that she might be a drug addict, the police suggested that too. The police also said she might be a runaway. I have seen many drug addicts or runaways, but this girl isn’t one of them. She looks content, happy, bright, wicked, and looking forward to her future. She is well taken care of, and loved, and her face says she hasn’t got a single worry in the world… I’d have liked to be friends with her if I was there.

    I can’t accept that nobody remembers her.
    Certainly, in those 19 years of her life, people must have encountered her on many occasions, they have met her, they knew her. She was outgoing, open and she was social.
    Maybe she shared a slice of a pizza with you, maybe you offered her a cigarette and had a conversation with her while you were studying with her? Maybe you talked about music and concerts together or maybe you saw her cycling… You might have shared the same interests or school…Your father or mother or grandparents might know her back in the day.
    It beats me that people in Montreal, Lennoxville, Compton or New Brunswick absolutely have no recollection of Theresa Allore. Look at her picture and I’m sure you’ll recognize her from 1976, 1977 or 1978 at least. Surely not everyone has a collective amnesia.

  3. I remember Theresa Allore but by the time she went to Champlain we had long since lost touch. Theresa and I went to PCHS together and although a classmate we were never close friends. In my minds eye though Theresa is still one of a group of timid 12 year olds starting high school. She had delicate features and a beautiful, almost mischievous smile, but then we were all on a new adventure then. Although I imagine we would some of the same memories through those years, some of her friends were my friends too and many are on my Friends list on Facebook I do not have any individual memories of her. However in 1977 for some reason I had decided to apply to Vanier College, Snowden campus. Not sure at all why, hard to figure out sometimes decisions we made at 16. My first day at Vanier college I was surrounded by the unfamiliar – unfamiliar faces and surroundings until a voice called “Pat”, I looked and it was Theresa. I had never been so happy to see someone in my life. I dropped out of Vanier and transferred to John Abbott fairly quickly, the commute was enough to convince me that Snowden was not a good idea. However I did want to say that I remember Theresa. A bit of a sad twist to that memory is us sitting in the lounge and talking about the summer. That summer a girl from our class, Theresa Lowry, had been struck and killed while riding her bike out to John Abbott college and Theresa Allore was telling me that it was awful and that her mother had been getting phone calls from concerned neighbours who thought it was her who had died. My last memory of Theresa, although in my minds eye I still see her as the 12 year old, was from the backseat of your Dad’s car when she offered me a ride back to the West Island. Just a bit telling of the times we lived in, and the poor local public transit, I probably hitchhiked home from Sources Rd when dropped off. And all this to say, in response to the above post, many people remember Theresa

      1. John, I just read the book and had to make myself remember, trite I suppose but I want to remember her as the girl who lived, not the girl who died. I am really glad that I remember her smile and her eyes.

    1. Hi Tricia, thank you so much for your post, your message about Theresa and especially for remembering her! I have never met Theresa Allore; I wish I had. I live in Europe and read about Theresa for the first time 7 months ago in the book “Wish You Were Here” written by Patricia Pearson & John Allore. Since I’ve read that book 7 months ago, I just can’t put Theresa Allore out of my mind. I just couldn’t believe that nobody would remember her, because I discovered Theresa Allore’s existence 7 months ago and I can’t forget her! So, I thought how is this possible that nobody can remember her… It means so much to me that at least you don’t have amnesia and you remember her! Beautiful memories you have of her proves that she existed and was there!

  4. La police n’a pas résolu le cas de Theresa Allore et les affaires non résolues s’accumulent à la SQ. Je me demande si la Sûreté du Québec a enquêté sur le meurtre de Theresa Lowry….. Je n’ai jamais entendu parler de ce nom auparavant. Je viens de consulter le site Web de la Sûreté du Québec, « Dossiers non résolus », et je n’ai pas vu ce nom sur le site Web des Dossiers non résolus de la Sûreté du Québec. Je suppose qu’ils doivent encore découvrir cette affaire de meurtre à la SQ ! Incroyable !

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