1. How can I ever forget that Dr. Sleep / Gilles Lefebvre? Wasn’t he the guy in Real Chartrand case who was so unprofessional and had a relationship with his patient? The one who took his patient out to dinner and offered him a ring, wanted to have a relationship with his patient? And when the patient refused, he told him that his parole option was flushed down the toilet because he refused his proposal? Then he went to pharmacy with his patient and got him meds that really spiralled the patient out of control and caused a psychotic episode. And as a result, his patient with that psychotic episode went out to murder a police officer?

    Seriously? I thought Dr. Sleep / Gilles Lefebvre was sent to exile in Morocco, which I assumed would be the end of his career after what he did. Holy cow! He was back and practicing at the Douglas Psychiatric Institute for the Insane? Ahem, this is insane and how fucked up can it get? Unbelievable… I’ll read the fascinating episode now, thanks for this episode!

  2. I have been following your series and never would have guessed how many nuts were running around quebec and probably ontario. I was 10 in 1975 in a small hamlet in southern ontario and honestly if i knew some of this stuff lol i would never have ventured out of my home! Absolutely enjoy your podcasts and speaking style. I listen on spreaker.

    1. Thank you very much, Gabriella. Yes, I was thinking that this morning, even today I make sure every day that I stay out of the way of the ‘crime and punishment’ machine. Thanks for listening.

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