1. Mr.John Allore-you are doing really great work-It’s disgusting what the Journal de Montreal published-I suspect some nasty media savvy was used in terms of what photo they used to suggest she was under the influence when it just could have been an unguarded moment-the 1978 Police Photo article shows the two photos that were obviously taken the same day-Pride and arrogance in policing is so destructive-the animosity towards Dr.Kim Rossmo is such a great case study in how a killer can rinse and repeat while petty officers get jealous of his considerable achievements and ignore his expertise -it’s a sad irony that he probably would have been great help in your sisters case and even sadder irony is he joined the police force in 1978…
    If you choose to publish my comments the below words are not intended for publishing unless of course you want to-I just wanted to say your story broke my heart when I first heard the “minds of madness” episode in 2017-when you described photographing the sky to memorise Theresa I was blown away and humbled-just letting you know a crime junkie down under has your entire family in my thoughts and hope and pray for justice for Theresa and all the other victims you are fighting for.
    Sincerely Ross

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