The decline of journalism left me no choice but to become a blogger

I want to thank everyone for their outreach so far in supporting the book launch of Wish You Were Here. But I didn’t want to write a book to check off a bucket list. I wanted to write a book so people would read it. I appreciate the messages of sympathy. Many of you knew Theresa much better than I did, you just didn’t know this story. It’s a shock for you too.

I don’t need a big hug. I am light years beyond “grieving brother’s search for the truth”. What I need is to activate you.

Anna Papatie Penosway – missing from Val d’Or since May 2020

Read this book. If you like it; tell a friend, write a review. If you know a good journalist, tell them too. There are questions raised here about the media and journalism, about the justice system that need more discussion. This isn’t some ’70s artifact. Women and girls went missing off the streets of Quebec in this era just as they did in Western Canada / #MMIWG. As they did again in Quebec in the late ’80s and early ’90s. As they are going missing now in Quebec in the COVID months since March from Longueuil, Saint Jerome, Saint Philippe de Neri, Val d’Or, Laval, La Prairie, Montreal, Granby, Arthabaska, Shawinigan, and Magog. In most cases these disappearances are not being reported in the media. They are the next wave of missing women and girls.

Far from wanting to take a break from these matters, I am happy to engage in a discussion with you, your local newspaper, your book club. It’s too important problem to ignore.


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